Artificial Rocks

100 % rock optics,

100 % felt natural ,

but only 10% weight! ! !

Our artificial rocks, processed by us, offers almost limitless application possibilities for indoor and outdoor use , as well as in designing and coloring .
Through the detailed replica of pure mineral material the artificial rock has a natural look and a '' real '' feeling nature is given .

The only difference from a real rock is unique and alone in his weight!

Therefore, our artificial rock is ideal for extraordinary living and design ideas :

for indoor use :
Wall , mantel , spa, shower panels , rear panels and much more for aquariums & terrariums

for outdoor use :
Watercourses , outdoor showers , pool landscapes , waterfalls , decorative rocks with lighting, wall covering in balconies and terraces, natural stones , etc.

We will advise you in carrying out your possible or seemingly impossible projects!

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